Thursday, February 7, 2008


We ended up with about 7 or 8 inches of snow on Wed. Randy and LAD hit the slopes. They went down, then Randy was towing LAD back up, LAD holding basketball with both hands-why he needed the basketball outside in the snow is beyond me-but hey, you try arguing with a 2 year old!-, instead of holding onto the sled and bloop there he went right over backwards. Standing in the driveway watching, I could see it coming, and thought it was very comical. Of course Randy dashed down to upright LAD who was not phased in the least. He was covered with snow on one side, but he didn't really seem to mind. Later LAD actually went down the big slope on his own and Randy would tow him back up and down he'd go again. Basketball too!

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Cheri said...

Well obviously a basketball is a very important accessory on the sledding slopes. Doesn't everyone see the sense in that?! ;) LOVE that story!

Ma said...

Remember riding a car hood towed by a pickup?

Ma said...

Well, maybe not at 2.