Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moon Eclipse

Tonight was the night. A full lunar eclipse. We had light overcast that got worst at the full part of the eclipse. It was 5 degrees out at 9:00 pm. This was a heat wave compared to this morning's -14 below. This was using a 500 mm lens on Nikon D100, so turns it into a 750 mm I think. Ma will correct me if i'm wrong :) . Click here to view the album with more shots. Later, after it was over and done-with, the skys are clear and the temps have only dropped to 3.
I don't think there's another full lunar eclipse until sometime 2010.
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Henrietta said...

Good pics. At least you got to see it. We were overcast. Today we have a half inch of ice/snow/rain/thunder.

~NiCk & cAsSiE~ said...

:( I didn't get to see it! I did enjoy the pictures you have!

Cheri said...

Very cool! Great photography; hope you didn't get frostbitten taking the pictures:)