Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rocket To The Moon!!!

LAD's favorite episode of Word World is Rocket to the Moon where Frog and lower case Piggies build rockets and fly to the moon. We had to improvise, we've misplaced the O so we used a Q. This pic also looks like there's a frog sitting on the R! Ha!

More stacking.

It warmed up into the 30's today so we went outside and shoveled some snow. More on the way tonight!
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jp said...

Fonda...these pictures could NOT be more adorable!! :-)

I am tagging you today on my blog! :-) Have fun!

~NiCk & cAsSiE~ said...

Okay so here's the deal. I am sure you and Randy need a night out on the town. And when you deside to go out, either, Nick and I will meet you at the great Slater Take Down, or we will babysit LAD for you! He is just so cute. You will have to bring him over this summer to play in the pool with Dakota!

Cheri said...

Will it EVER quit snowing?! Glad you were able to get out in it and enjoy it...way too cold today for that!