Monday, December 1, 2008

2nd Winter Snow!

It started Saturday, and slowly dropped about 3 1/2-4 inches on us thru Sunday. It was a fairly wet snow and temps hovered just above freezing. Just enough to make slushy roads. Winds are supposed to pick up tonight (Sunday night). LAD immediately wanted to go outside and play in it when I showed him out the window this morning. So after breakfast we went out.





LAD wanted to get all the snow off the trees. Well he tried! He did shake the lilac bush (not shown here) of all it's snow.



Don't eat yellow snow!

Got Snow?


He started out with 2 cars, not much shoveling today. Then we worked our way around to the back yard and our neighbors grandson was out and LAD spotted him and had to go investigate. His mom and sister and G'ma were out in their front yard building a snowman and shoveling their driveway. These two kids were adopted a few years ago from Kazakhstan and now live in California. They had never built a snowman before! They also made snowangels, LAD included!







FromVideo1 copy

FromVideo2 copy


They had great fun and I think LAD was in heaven having someone to play with besides mommy. And push him around on his tractor, a lot!

He was tuckered out by the time we finally went inside, but he skipped his nap today and conked out in about 1 minute when he finally got still in his bed at 7:00!


Ma said...

You got more snow than we did! Like the "got snow" pic! Should send it to the GotMilk people.

Ma said...

G'pa Airplane was worried that LAD would lose his little trucks in the snow. I related a story: when I was in the first grade in Aspen, I lost the little class picture of my best friend Peggy. In the spring, I found the picture in the schoolyard, it was a little scraped up, but it was still ok. I wouldn't worry about LAD's cars.

Ma said...

Fonda, you ought to collect stories from the neighbor kids from Kazakhstan. They would be interesting for your blog. What a great learning experience for LAD. He could learn to speak their language. Do they speak Russian?

Fonda said...

I'm sure they do still speak Russian. However, they do speak very good English. They actually live in California and were only here for the week of Thanksgiving. I think they might actually be returning to CA today.

Fonda said...

Tell Lloyd I took a mental truck talley as we went out the door. We usually don't take MORE stuff outside, but these trucks happened to be sitting on the steps out the door, so they were snagged on the way out. They might suffer a far worse fate than your little class picture if left in the driveway!

Cheri said...

Love the "got snow" picture! I wish I'd had my camera after church last Sunday. Michael got down on all 4s in the church yard (with his church clothes and shoes on of course) to lean down and scoop up snow in his mouth. :)