Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spreading out Christmas...

We did some Christmas gift exchanging last week when we were in MO with Oma and Aunt Suzie. One package didn't get opened, it was kind of big and kind of, well, uh, big. So we packed it home to IA and it's been sitting behind the tree, being picked at slowly, and ooohed and aaahhed over. LAD asked me yesterday, when we were in WM, if we could open the Lightning Box. I said HUH? and it finally dawned on me, this is what he meant. It is wrapped in Lightning wrapping paper.
Last night our friends from DM came up and we did Christmas with them and of course we all scored big time. After all that was over, we decided to let LAD open the "Lightning Box".
This was what was in it.

Needless to say he was very excited! It took 6 C Cell batteries. Thankfully, at sometime in the last year or so I had picked up some at the Target Dollar Spot on clearance. Whew.
LAD, and Daddy, have been transformed into human tunnels! He's also been racing the train with RC (car from Toy Story). It's been too ccccold to go outside, so it has been a good way to burn off energy!

Today we're still on the first set of batteries and the cargo car has various other vehicles in it.

While I was transferring these videos from the Memory Stick on the video camera, I discovered it contained other videos, clear back to October 31, 2007. I like to shoot some clips on the memory stick to be able to transfer to computer easier than from tape. Obviously I have fallen behind on that job.
This was the first video I found. It made my cry.

LAD was almost two. What a difference 13 months, 5 lbs and 3 1/2 inches of tallness can make.


Cheri said...

How fun! We still have NOTHING beneath our trees...I don't trust my 2 little boys or my big boy (aka DH) :) With good reason, I might add!

Janet said...

Hard to believe he was once that little, isn't it? Hope you guys have the best Christmas ever!