Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and Sleet Day

We got a couple inches of sleet, then a couple inches of snow. Travel Not Advised. So we're staying home. Randy cleared the driveway, at least down to the sleet layer! Then also was a good neighbor and cleared the driveway to our west. His snowblower crapped out! I think ours started first pull and has so far been very dependable (knock knock knock on wood)!

So far, LAD's still in PJs, I'm sure we'll be going out a little later today! I think Daddy left us some fluffy spots to hit with out shovels.


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Cheri said...

I think we got more of it than you...Jeff said it seemed like about 6-7 inches here when he used the "snow vacuumie" :) (otherwise known as a snow blower)