Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bam Bam Saturday

LAD has been very excited to start Bam Bam Baseball and today was the
first day. It was 46 degrees and windy as heck, but the sun was
shining! The cold made no difference, he was smiling from ear to ear!

The picture with the other little boy is one of LADs buddies from
daycare. And this boy's dad is one of the coaches. There was also
another boy on their team from day care, so that was fun for them.
They are the Cubs!


Janet said...

Oh, he is just adorable out there! This could be a glimpse of things to come!

Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog yesterday. I really appreciated your note.

Hey, didn't you have a birthday, Miss Fonda??? If so, hope it was a good one!

Cheri said...

How cute! Hope he continues to have fun with it.