Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We planted flower boxes, pulled weeds, tilled the garden, planted the
garden, visited Reiman Gardens and saw the dinosaur exhibit. Then LAD
took a nap and I got to play with my watercolor paints a little bit. (but not all in one day!)

We walked up-town to the grocery/garden center. I like these and these and these, Oh and I love these too.

He did help pull the wagon part of the way home...

But then he hitched a ride for the rest of the way. Cold Welch's Grape pop, mmm.

No words for this one. Look at it for a while....

We dug up a flower bed, found worms. LAD picked up and re-located many of them. In MO a couple weeks ago, he wanted no part of touching "dirty" worms... Guess IA ones aren't so "dirty".

He planted this flower box all on his own. The day before we had planted a few other flowers and I showed him how to dig the hole, cover it up, etc and he remembered and did it exactly right!

Ahhh, fresh soft dirt.

Not sure how many cars he started with, but Chick Hicks is missing...suspecting he's still underground somewhere...Rainy tonight, maybe he will wash out...

All planted.

He knew this was a T-Rex...How the hell? Whatever.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Ma said...

You have dinosaurs in your garden, all I have is a toadie. I like the whale.
Such nice black soil... beats our red clay!

Amy S said...

Wait till he comes home and tells you the names of all the Transformers. We don't own any transformers (that I know of) but Drew can name every single one and if it's good or evil...)