Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prairie Festival

This is LADs fourth year riding in the parade with his daycare. The daycare and he are the same age, so it's been a tradition for him to ride each year.
He was very excited this year, he wanted to throw candy! We helped decorate the float a couple days before, so he was very excited about riding in the parade. The theme was blending with mother nature and one of the lead teachers was decked out as Mother Nature herself.

All aboard, take a seat. They had a lot of cute little fairies with wings filling most seats. But surely you need little elves if you have fairies, right?

This guy gets a GOLD star for negotiating all the turns and not smashing any toes, or other body parts for that matter. This was by FAR the noisiest float, not due to the truck, but the cargo it carried. BOYS, young ones, and a lot of them. Maybe a school ball team or something, I'm not really sure. I was so distracted by the damn truck and noise to notice!

The end. All the goodies given out.
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Ma said...

Every parade needs elves... especially one-eyed elves!