Tuesday, August 25, 2009


LAD and I ventured out to the airstrip where the ag spraying operation is on-going. We took the bikes, and I rode mine a little bit. I'm back to my regular bike, no baby-seat! We finally figured out a bike carrier option. Most of the "normal" bike racks won't work on the CRV b/c of the spare tire on the outside. Oh you can find one that will work, for about 300$. So in looking for an alternative to this we found a cargo hitch rack at the farm store and my dad built a post that bolts to the frame of it for the bikes to attach to. It was 80$ for the rack plus 1 1/2 to 2 inch adapter and hitch pins, so about half the cost of a "real" bike rack. And this is versatile enough to carry more than just bikes! Plus we can use it on the truck too.

Anyway, here's LAD putting out fires all over the place with the recycled fire engine. The hangar was empty except for the Cherokee 140 so he had lots of room to zoom around. The battery lasted for about 45 minutes. Quite enough.

This is Roger's SnowMobile helmet. I think it weighs half as much as LAD does. He's kind of tippy when he has it on, but insists on wearing it. He's all about safety. As you can see in the next photo, he has his bike helmet on. Not quite so heavy!

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Ma said...

Wish I had a red firetruck... or a snowmobile helmet... All I've got is a snow hat with fur lining, and a maroon Suburban, no sirens, no water hose... waaa.