Monday, August 31, 2009

Wireless remote

Have one of these? (DSLR)

And one of these? (iPOD)

And, of course, a computer.

Then you need this:

It turns your iPOD into a remote for your camera. And it really works. A much cheaper alternative to the Nikon wireless remote, especially since I already had the DSLR and iPOD.
Check it out here.
The only real drawback is that the camera has to be tethered to a computer with wireless hardware. Which really isn't too much of a big deal since the camera needs to be on a tripod for this to work, very well anyway. Hmmmm, one more use for a nice, tiny netbook....


Ma said...

Give it up, you've already got your Christmases and Birthdays covered for the next 10 years, remember?????

Fonda said...

hahaha. It's still 4 months til Christmas, there's still time for you to forget!

Fonda said...

It's ok, I"m waiting for (I can't believe I'm going to say this) Windows 7 and a faster processor in the Acer.

Ma said...

Yea, I thought you were a Macker. And, you think I'm gonna forget? hahaha.