Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Storm, day 1

Started snowing mid-day today. Forcasted for 7-10 for us, then the blowing starts tomorrow. By the time we got home tonight we had at least 6 inches.
The garage door on my side won't open all the way. Had to reshuffle garage vehicle contents. Randy is at an Ag Conference in MO. But the snow blower did not let me down. Started first pull. I love that machine for no other reason but that. Well, I guess I like it quite a bit for the job that it does after you get it started.
I could hardly get LAD into the car after leaving daycare. He tromped around in their snow piles for 10 minutes. And discovered catching snowflakes on his tongue. Worth the wait for that.

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Ma said...

(Don't) with I was there to play in the snow! Got our own.