Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain, Mother Nature's next curve ball.

Rain, today it's rain. It might be a blessing or a curse. Not sure yet; to be determined. One bonus, the temps are mid thirties, for now...

There's a sidewalk under there somewhere!


Ma said...

Just remember... your mailbox is safe as long as it's raining and not snowing!

Robin said...

You're pictures make it look so much prettier and more fun then how I felt the last 4 days with no power or heat! Wish I could have saw these pictures while I sat here feeling sorry for myself! It would have been so much nicer! :)

Have you saw all of Tim's new releases? OMG! I wasn't buying another single thing and then he does it again! Did you see his new machine? How cute would that look sitting next to my ole toolbox or your lunchbox. I love those dies that cut the edges too. That machine cuts acrylic. Can you imagine! Have you saw anything not to miss?

Hope you have a fabulous week!