Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Rain...for perspective

And here's the next day, after last night's deluge... You can see just how deep our ditches are. They are probably 4 feet or so deep at the lowest spot.

Finally got all the water pumped out about mid-day. There was a ton!

Nice blue skies today. Maybe they'll stay around for a while...


Ma said...

Where did it all go? Des Moines? Bart's basement? Ur-Bon-De-ley? They would sue somebody.

Ma said...

And, are your photos geo-tagged? (historical reference and all that.)
Wouldn't it have been wonderful if all those family pictures in those old family albums were geo-located?
Of course, we know where Marble is, and Old Faithful. But the old car in front of Grampa's house somewhere in Nebraska... Red Cloud. That's where Willa Cather, the novelist, lived at one time, just up the street.