Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random from first days of August

Corn from the neighbor, we planted some, but it may not be ready until fall! Finally got first tomatoes. Cukes never fail.

Dead butterfly found at the grocery store. "Can we keep it?". Sure, why not. It's still in a jar, in the kitchen...

Last weekend, LAD went on his first official sleep-over with his friend Miranda. He was super excited and they had a blast!

Interesting clouds, very colorful with the last dregs of sunshine.


Our garden, before the storm the next night. It didn't fare so well...

We got a new grill. This is packaging. Very entertaining.

Yeah, eggplant. Not sure what variety this is, but the bugs like it. We liked it too!

We have at least one pumpkin. Only one I've seen so far. The plants are taking over half the garden. Hope there's at least another one or two out there...

Assembly. Only took a couple hours.

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Ma said...

Maybe you shoulda bought a raft instead of a grill.