Monday, August 30, 2010

Random, End of August, 2010

A few more from first day of preschool. This one needs a thought bubble. Not sure what the though would be. "Enough pictures already, mom."

Bike ride. I was walking, but could not keep up.

Bring a teddy to school, for compare/contrast.

Saturday at Furman Aquatic Center in Ames. What a cool place!

Passed by the hat isle while shopping. Had to sample a few.

Sunday at Adventureland Amusement Park. We went with LAD's friend and her parents. LAD was not afraid of any ride we went on. The roller coaster was his favorite and the G-Force, it was like a rocket.

Miranda was a little scared to go on one ride and LAD said: "Oh, it's OK Miranda, I'll give you so much attention while we're on it you won't be scared." Where does he come up with this stuff!?

The tilt-o-whirl. (note to self: I'm too old for this shit.)

The log ride. This is my speed.

Yep, just tall enough for this one. Good thing, it was a favorite.

Almost too tired to eat supper.

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Ma said...

Love the hat. Chicago gangland, look out!