Friday, August 12, 2011

Trip to Chicago, Day 1

LAD and I recently traveled to Chicago and met our friends Susan and Evan. They rode the Amtrak train from the Bay City, MI area to Union Station, where we picked them up at.
LAD and I flew from Des Moines to Chicago, I figured it would be a grand adventure, since LAD had not flown commercial since he was about 9 months old, when we went to Alaska!
And, as expected, he was a great traveling partner and enjoyed every minute of the trip.
He also took his own camera. We got some dandy shots...
(click on the pictures to "bigify")
Let me just say, that if you're either brave or stupid enough to drive in Chicago, in a rental car, you're brave or stupid enough to do ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING. I'm not a nervous driver by any means, but the first 30 minutes of Airport to Chicago and Chicago to Union Station almost got the better of me. Whew! After that, eh, nothin' to it.
And I'll also say, I'll never, ever, ever give up my exorbitant 30 bucks a month plan for my beloved Android GPS... That can also run Pocket Dairy, by the way.
Here's Union Station, wow, what a cool place. We had some time to kill while waiting and LAD made the most of the wonderful benches to race a car on.

Then we hit Rainforest Cafe, a very cool place. Which turned out to be a really good deal, coupons for tomorrow's entertainment.
Then on to Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, and the SkyDeck, always known as the SkyDeck.
LAD was excited about going out on it, until we walked up to it. Evan hopped right out, no fear. But LAD was NOT SO SURE he wanted to step out into that glass capsule 1,353 feet above the ground. He eventually did it, with Evan's encouragement of "I'll catch you if it falls". Thanks to the lady in the pretty dress that LAD so ungracefully groped her leg the whole time he was out on it. He would never let go of something while out there. Why was he groping some strange woman's, because there was NO, NO, NO freaking way his momma was stepping out onto that thing. It absolutely gives me the willey goosebumps even seeing pictures of people on way, uh-uh.

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Susan Johnson said...

Great pictures and narration of the fun trip!