Friday, August 12, 2011

Trip to Chicago, Day 2

Day two took us to Navy Pier. This became our "home base" for the day. We had a good buy on the Trolley/Double Decker Bus city tour, so we hopped on that later in the morning. But before we had even been ten steps onto the pier, the boys spotted the Sea Dog speedboats. Luckily we had coupons, so we purchased rides...for 5:00 pm, a mere 7 hours away. Oh good grief. But they managed to tough it out until 5:00. We also enjoyed the Children's Museum at the pier. We could have actually spent the whole day in that place. The fort building area was the best. And a Thomas the Train kiddie ride was also a BIG hit. It's the little things...

The city tour was a tad boring for the boys, but they managed to hang on. We rode the Trolley first, then ate lunch at McDonald's in the theatre district, those two words don't even go together...but whatever. Then we hopped a double decker bus and, of course, sat on the top deck. I think you could come to Chicago every weekend for a year and not see and do all that is here.

Then finally THE much anticipated boat ride. It was cool. Evan even fell asleep about half way thru the ride.

Then they recharged with a nap on the way back to the hotel, then, what else, but swimming!


Susan Johnson said...

You forgot to mention the Ferris Wheel ride at Navy pier and how the boys wouldn't let us leave without getting the ice cream we had mentioned earlier in the day :)

Fonda said...

Good point. We did so much that day it's hard to keep up with it all! That was the BEST ice cream ever.