Friday, August 19, 2011

First day of Kindergarten

Obligatory First Day of School photos! I was wondering if this was the same shirt he wore for the first day of preschool last year? Nope, whew!

Thursday, 8/18/2011

New backpack from our friends the Whitehills. Stuffed full of fun stuff!

I think i could have left him at this point and he would have done just fine. But I went in with him and helped him find his table in the commons, before the teachers all came to collect them.

Sigh....secrets with cute little girls in braids already...This is one of his friends he went to pre-school with. She's such a cutey, unfortunately they are not in the same class.

Another buddy. He is in the same class. Once again, I could have left and he would have been fine, but i needed those first day pics in his classroom for scrapbooking...yeah, that's it.

He was likely telling me "I got it from here, mom."

Cubby found, stuff put away, desk found, name badge found. Sighhhhh... He's got it all under control. No tears, barely a hug and kiss goodbye.


Ma said...

Well, how's mama doing after the first week of school?

Janet said...

So sweet! These are priceless pictures! Love the one with the lunch bags. :) I second that question -- how are YOU doing?