Sunday, June 15, 2008

Harvest, well sort of

These are our transplanted strawberries. They survived after being plunked into IA black dirt from MO red clay last fall. We've had a couple other ripe berries in the last few days, but I think the squirrels have discovered them, best I can tell, and they got the better of them. Could be birds I guess, but this last one had a bite that looked suspiciously squirrel size.

So today we had this tiny berry, on the left, that wasn't quite ripe but I thought we better pick it, so we can at least get to eat one. Shared between the 3 of us, it's not going to go very far...The second one in this pic is half eaten by some unknown creature. Maybe I can slice off the munched part...hmm. Well LAD can at least have one strawberry with his cherrios in the morning!
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Janet, aka JP said...

What perfect strawberries! Think QUALITY, not QUANTITY! lol