Monday, June 9, 2008

How Does YOUR Garden Grow???

Ours grows, after the weeds and volunteers where tilled under, mostly under water right now! The gardening pictures were from a week ago from yesterday, and the water in the backyard/garden picture was from yesterday. Hopefully everything won't drown. LAD was very helpful getting everything planted and we even found a worm! We planted tomatoes, jalapeno and bell peppers, cukes, squash-acorn and yellow, radishes and carrots. And accidentally, cabbage. I went back to the store Saturday for broccolli, which was what I thought I was getting when I got the cabbage! So we'll see how it goes! The radishes have popped up but no sign of the carrots yet...maybe never!


Ma said...

Hooray for the garden! Poo on all that water... I think you got a better deal with your stimulus check than most of the other folks.

Ma said...

And hooray for the guy who bought the gun. Now that boy is SMART.