Sunday, June 15, 2008

Out with the (G)old in with the New(er)

Farewell to the Chrysler Concorde LXI-1999. It was a good car, for the most part. And you could never beat the trunk space. It was ginormous!

So here's the new ride-Honda CRV-2006.
It was not my first color of choice, but was the first price tag of choice! I think it's technically called a dark green metallic of some sort, but it's basically dark gray with a greenish tint, when the light's just right! On this particular year model the back door swings like a gate and the back glass pops up. There was a redesign in '07 and they changed the back end design a little, and besides taking away interior space, made the back gate a hatch type. So I like these '06 features better. It's pretty roomy inside and get's the same gas mileage back and forth to work as the car did, 25. Only on the 2nd tank of gas and haven't gone on any long trips yet, will be curious to see how it does on a long trip. LAD likes to get in the back, back, it's like a giant play pen back there!

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Janet, aka JP said...

Fonda, I have a CRV, too, and I LOVE it! I am sure I will drive it until the wheels fall off. It's just a great vehicle, plenty of storage and easy to handle. Great on winter roads, too!! You'll love it!