Friday, July 4, 2008

Garden is trying

Our garden is coming along. The radishes have gone crazy and the carrots are trying to stay alive! The rabbits or birds have feasted on the brocolli. One poor plant was down to just a single stem, no leaves, but it's struggling to come back. Not sure if it'll make anything or not! The cabbage seems relatively untouched by critters bigger than bugs. The big flowers are from a volunteer squash of some kind, probably yellow squash. I think the strawberries are about done. the plants are looking pretty good. There are a few blooms left, but doubtful we'll see any more fruit. Maybe more next year!!!
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Ma said...

Where are the bugs? I don't see any bugs. You're so far north you don't have any bugs???

Ma said...

Had some fresh blueberries for LAD, but they "wouldn't fit in the airplane". Oh, come on, now. One sandwich bag??? Daaaad! Just for that, you get stir fry.