Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pudding, Baby!

By request, here's the Pudding Picture of me at 2 years old. Looks like I had a good time! LAD requested chocolate pudding last night, so I scrounged thru the pantry and found a box. Not sure how old it was, it didn't have a "best if used by date" on it. Who cares! We had fun making it and it didn't taste bad. The milk was fresh!!! Can chocolate ever go bad? He grabbed the egg separator out of the tool caddy and that's what he used to stir, while I used a whisk. Apparently it doesn't really matter! And an egg separator holds more until you can get it to the mouth than a whisk possibly could. We had left-overs so we'll take some to G'pa Airplane today, who stayed at the airstrip in the motorhome last night. Two nights in a row he's missed our fine cooking. The night before we made Peach Cobbler from fresh Missouri peaches-and of course LAD helped. He saw me with my apron on and decided I was doing something without him so he had to have his apron on too and jumped right in helping out.

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Ma said...

Smear, baby, smear! Looks like you could teach LAD a thing or two about it. Fonda the artist.