Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random musings about the CR-V after one month

  • It gets 26 mpg back and forth to work, where the Concorde was getting 24-25. Wondering what it'll get on a long trip?
  • The 6 CD changer, built in to the stereo, is VERY nice. Plus it has a bonus cassette player. I'm really surprised about this, being that it's a 2006 model. Now I can dust off all those 80's cassettes, which of course, I still have.
  • You CAN lock all the doors from the driver door, as you're exiting the car, by holding out the INSIDE door latch, then pressing the lock button. It only took me a week to figure that one out. I was a little disappointed that I ALWAYS had to lock it with the remote, until I figured this one out-Duh.
  • The moon roof is the coolest thing ever. I think this is one of my favorite "extras" that I wouldn't have specifically "needed" in a vehicle.
  • It's very annoying that the 12v plugs do not have power when the key is off. Come-On! What were they thinking! And according to the book, you can't change it with a fuse, etc.
  • It has a picnic table-who knew we needed this! And below it, there is a huge storage area (spare tire shaped and sized, but apparently not quite big enough, since spare hangs on outside)
  • Driver's side window has automatic Down and UP. When did we become so lazy we couldn't hold the button for 5 seconds to open it and now CLOSE it. However, I have to admit, it is handy, esp with manual transmission.
  • When you start noticing, these CR-Vs are everywhere.
  • The back passenger door windows go ALL the way down, not just half way.
  • The steering wheel has radio controls on it. This is NICE!
  • Not really missing the Concorde all that much!
  • When you put the CRV in gear, it goes, every time!

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Janet said...

Oh, I love my little CRV! I would agree with all of your observations. I had no idea about the picnic table, though, until one day Bailey told me it was there (still not quite sure how she knew that!) and I went out and found it! Glad you're enjoying it!