Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Snow!

It snowed an inch or two today. Roads are just wet. It was a pretty snow, big flakes! LAD and I decided to go out and enjoy it!
These pictures today fit perfectly with this weeks Design Your Life sketch at BPS. I'm a few weeks behind, so just decided to jump back in and catch up later.

Layout and concept provided by Cathy Zielske, Design Your Life workshop at

We got this small snow shovel a few weeks ago, finally putting it to good use!




We ventured into the back yard, found some dump trucks and buckets. Had to fill up the buckets with snow from the playhouse.

He picked up speed as he went!



Goodbye Autumn!


Whitehills said...

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas yet. My kids are already for a snow day.

fsanders27 said...

Looks like you two are having fun in the snow! I can wait for it to get here.....I'm not ready. Was good to see you and Ma in Wal-Mart the other night. I haven't seen you in such a long time. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ma said...

Got some old snow skiis ready for LAD to grow into! Great photos, keep 'em coming! Got them into Lloyd's old digital frame on the kitchen table, and he watches them more than the TV. That's a milestone! Wait 'til he gets video!

Ma said...

What a guy! You'll notice that he didn't spill a drop out of his bucket when he whooooshed down the slide. He'll be landing a taildragger before you know it.

Janet said...

So cute, Fonda! I have to admit that the snow was beautiful while it lasted. Wow...the photos do work perfectly with that sketch. I am SOOOOOO far behind in her class! YIKES!

I left a little something for you on my blog today. Enjoy! :-)