Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to Harve A Pumpkin

This was the Sunday before Halloween, when we "harved" our pumpkin, LAD's word!

First you cut the top off with a filet knife.

Next you check out what's inside, just guts!

Proceed to remove guts. But don't let them touch you! It didn't help that Daddy made a big deal about them!

Yet two days later they played with "guts" at daycare and I think he enjoyed that!

Quality Control. Make sure Daddy does it right and to inspector satisfaction.

Draw a face. Or just color the whole thing.

More QC, checking progress.

More QC, close inspection. Our 1.00$ tools paid off.

Dental work.

Act silly!

QC inspector acting silly!

More inspecting. Looks good.


Cheri said...

Love all those inspector photos...too cute:) And LOL at the new mouth for your DH, heehee.

Janet said...

Ha ha...you got some great shots! Love the narration. :-D