Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grandparents, avert your eyes...

Grandparents, arriving soon in a mailbox near you, don't look at the following pictures if you want to be surprised by the snail mail. Otherwise, read on.

I present to you many hours of labor (haha) and 12 months of LAD! I finished my annual calendar for 2009 about a week ago, got it ordered from Shutterfly, and finally, delivered, at least to IA. Today they are in the mail to MO and AR. Good thing they can enjoy them for a whole year! I didn't put months on the actual pages since they are printed on the calendar page.

Here they are in month order, starting with January. This year I used Photoshop templates I found here. I tweaked a few of them, but most are about the same as the original. For the most part, I used this digital kit.

I think this is at about the third year I have gotten calendars from Shutterfly. I'm always happy with their quality and cost and you can usually catch a sale and free shipping. I used to print and assemble my own, but man that's a LOT of work! I just need to start gathering photos earlier this year!

Now onto the photo books!

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Janet said...

This turned out beautifully! Calendars are such a nice gift. I haven't used Shutterfly but am about to place my first print order. Good to know you're happy with the quality.