Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sun Down, Moon Up

This is how our day started, 4-5 inches snow. Cold. Thankfully, not much wind, even during the day, as they were predicting, otherwise it would have been blizzard like!


The new birdfeeder, loaded down! The birds really haven't been on it too much, until today!


These look like chicken feet. Weird.


The best thing money can possibly buy in Iowa. And it starts on the first pull. This is probably one of the most reliable pieces of equipment I've ever had to start. It starts EVERY time, FIRST pull. And it's a damn good thing!




After I finished my project, I asked LAD if he wanted to come out and play. I decided to take a rest. It lasted for all of about 10 feet...

Why the helmet you ask? No idea, he spotted it when he was collecting the sled and had to have it on. It's actually mine, and fits pretty good over a handmade stocking cap from "Grandma" Jan.

Later we went inside and warmed up, took a shower and were preparing for breakfast. He's becoming very independent. Maybe a little too so. I was in the other room putting on clothes and heard it happening, but thought "oh, what the hell. It's just cereal." Here's the conversation that followed.
"I made a mess. I'm sorry Mommy, I'll clean it up. With my TOES".
And he proceeds to start picking up Tootie Fruities with his toes.

Good Lord!

At least he had just exited the shower.

Later, we drove to Ankeny. LAD fell asleep on the way, so I drove around checking out the snowy scenery.

These trees looked so "fake", but trust me, they weren't. The snow is always much prettier if we don't have much wind when it comes.

This was on the way home, Moon was coming up, it looked huge. Spot at lower left area, crap on sensor. This was with the 18-200 lens on the Nikon.

Sun going down.



I only took 150 photos today, you'd think it was the 25th!


Janet said...

Fonda, you got some great snow shots yesterday! I'm cold just looking at them!

Ma said...

We don't have a snow blower. I hope we don't need one. Can I have that engine to put on my lawn mower?
Isn't winter wonderful? I like the header snow pic. MO is just dull and bland, unless I Photoshop it.

Ma said...

Toetie Fruities. I'm surprised he isn't wearing the helmet in the shower.

Cheri said...

Love the spilled cereal shot:)
My kids are firmly convinced that the irrigation machine like in your beautiful sunset picture is really an airplane, lol...see if your family can make any sense of that! (well there is a SLIGHT resemblance, lol)