Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweater modeler

"Grandma" Jan knitted this wonderful sweater for LAD for Christmas, but when he tried it on the first time, the neck was too small to fit over his BIG head. So she had to re-work it. It was recently delivered to IA via Randy, who went to MO last week. We tried it on this morning and IT FITS over his big ol' head. It must be comfy and warm, he didn't want to take it back off. OK. Isn't he handsome! She also knitted a matching hat which fits perfectly!

I have the 15030 mm Sigma lens on, camera at Aperature setting, not much depth of field at all with this lens on wide open. That first picture, lucky I got his face in focus!

It fits him pretty good! Thanks Grandma Jan!

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Susan said...

Very cute pictures of LAD, I think he has a future in modeling! Great sweater, looks toasty warm.

Cheri said...

He's very handsome in his cool sweater:) We know all about big heads not fitting in shirts from Christopher!