Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Getting back to routine after the Christmas travels. Here's a few pics from the last week.
No idea why he wanted these all stuck on HIM? I hope it's not a sign of things to come. He also had on a set of wireless headphones he's been carrying around for the last month. A rocker in training? YeeIkes I hope not!

It wasn't raining, that day at least. He spotted the umbrella in the garage and had to have it! Notice the safety glasses!


Then inside for hot chocolate, not cocoa, but chocolate!

This NEVER happens, that Zoe is in such close proximity to LAD. However, he fell asleep in my lap, which also NEVER happens anymore, and I plopped him onto the bed, which Zoe was already occupying, so it wasn't really her choice. She's not so leary of him when he's sleeping... :) I think they slept together for a while, but eventually she vacated the location.

Need anything measured? Here's your guy!

Or repaired, or hammered?

Sunset driving home from work on Friday, 1/2/09.


It helps if you hold your mouth JUST right.

Happy Weekend!


Janet said... have some great everyday shots there, Fonda! Looks like you've had a fun holiday season. I will see you soon!

Cheri said...

"Bob" can come over here anytime and help us with decorating projects;) Actually, he just reminded me I want to measure the kitchen for a tile backsplash I've been thinking about for 3 years now, lol.

Ma said...

Hey, I've got tattoos, why shouldn't LAD have some? At least his will wash off! 'Nother One Grandma said, "I requested a turtle, but I got fly poop". Me, too. I wanted a dragon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fonda! I've emailed you before but not gotten a response so I thought I'd try here. My friend Chris called and said you were doing a cute class on Sunday. I tried to look it up on MB's site but it wouldn't enlarge. Could you post a picture on here so I could see it please? I believe I have to sign up tomorrow to be able to take it and I live out of town so I'd like to see it and decide and then I could call them. thanks so much!

Looks like he had a great holiday!

Robin :)