Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baskets anyone?

Our favorite Basket Boutique owner was recently featured on CBS
Evening News!! WhooHooo, you go Roxanna. Her segment is near the end, so watch all the way thru!

Use this link.

We stop for a visit nearly every day and LAD has to say Hi and check
out all her very colorful stuff!
She made this basket for my Ma when she had a most memorable day.

She also gives LAD a special treat every now and then. This was from
Christmas time. And here's the front of her store from back then. Of
course it's much springier today!!

Check her out if you need a gift basket, she's top notch!!


Janet said...

Wow, that's pretty cool! Beautiful basket she made for your mom, too!

Ma said...

Go, Roxanne! Keep it up, and thank you for the basket, for that "memorable day or not".