Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random June pictures

Pirate eye!

A few more flowers to fill in the ones that didn't make it from the first planting. They were 1/2 off so we got enough to make LAD a flower box for his playhouse!

Picking a handfull every other day or so...YUM.


Making LAD some shorts.

Earlier in the week LAD wanted to go to Subway. I said "let's wait and go for a special treat" and he said "they don't have treats there" and I said "what are cookies?" and he said "Oh they're not treats, they're food, cookies are food". Ok then! So on Friday we went to Subway and just ate food!

Bam Bam today, it was HOT. It was our turn to bring treats for the team. We never buy juice box/pouch thingies for home, but we did for this occasion. On the box that they came in was a link to this site, TerraCycle, where you can send these things in and they make stuff from them. Recycle. They are convenient, but that's why I don't ever buy them, too much waste. But I could see using some to make some cool stuff, even scrapbooking stuff....hmmmmm.

Speaking of recycling, some of my scrapper friends and I are taking an online class called Re-purpose, Re-think, Re-invent. So today, after BamBam, we all took a field trip to Gilbert. Who would have guessed Gilbert, Iowa would have a shop as yummy as this one. It's called JB Knacker and they are a vintage hunters dream come true! We were on a mission to find stuff to re-purpose, re-think and re-invent. We all came home with a bag of stuff.

I love the words on this wall...

My vintage hunting friends. LAD, surrounded by females, so what's new!

Then afterwards, we went for ice cream. With sprinkles.

Later this afternoon we went outside. Ye-ick. A couple of rainstorms later and we are growing MOSS!

So we cleaned it out and filled it with COLD tap water...he didn't seem to mind!

I love this shot!


Ma said...

Love the pirate eye. The ice cream cone makes me nervous! I hate it when it melts down my arm.
Have been picking blueberries every day, and your daddy keeps eating them! I'd better save some for your pancakes, huh?

Janet said...

Wow, you really captured summer in these photos! The ice cream, the pool, the flowers...

I really admire everything you do with Lad. He is having such a rich, full childhood! You're a great mom, Fonda! :-)