Monday, June 22, 2009

For Today, June 22

Ali Edwards ran across this and posted it at her blog. I thought it was interesting so played along. Just another way of documenting your day. The prompts are nice to get you going. The rules are here.

FOR TODAY Monday, June 22, 2009...
Outside my window...darkness, hot and muggy 82 degrees at 11:54 pm.
I am thinking...I should get going to bed instead of doing this blog entry.
I am thankful for...a dedicated scrap/art/computer room, reorg in progress.
From the kitchen...craving fresh salsa with lots of cilantro and lime.
I am little as possible to keep cool.
I am organized art space.
I am bed as soon as I finish this post.
I am reading...a book I bought to alter, Shantyboat Bill.
I am hoping...Randy has a safe drive from MO to IA tomorrow.
I am on my radio, Hawk 97.3
Around the house...Harry (cat) is asleep at my feet. He's never too far away in the evenings.
One of my favorite things...That Harry is asleep at my feet and that he's never too far away.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Not mowing the lawn; Randy can have at it.
A picture to share...

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Janet said...

Great list, Fonda! Not enjoying this heat one bit. Your salsa looks fabulous! DH makes it occasionally. It's a real treat!

Hey, we need pics of your new space! Thx for encouraging us on the Scrapbooker X project! lol