Monday, June 29, 2009

Room Reorg, phase 2

See phase 1 here. Tackled the desk today.

Clip-it-ups on each end of shelfs. Right hand one holds acrylic stamps. The one holding the stamps is the clip-it-up mini. Basically it's the same size as the top of the main one, but with it's own base.

Seems forever ago that he could hardly reach the door knobs! I found the flower frog last weekend at JBknacker.

Tacked these on the wall, they are just so big and cluncky. I don't have many but they are a pain to store.

Area to the left of desk that has the over the toilet shelf. Not heavy duty, but works for this space.

Under the desk had become a nightmare. Found these large totes with wheels on the bottom to contain random stuff.

Last area to tackle, well in this room anyway!

My nice neat desk lasted for about 30 minutes, then LAD found me. I guess he could smell the cleanliness...

It's a bad day when this happens.

He just had to paint something. He wanted to paint his new wooden car, but I said No. He wanted to paint his tractor storage container thing and I said No. So he settled for a golf ball, the desk, me and himself.

Oh well, at least we're all washable!


Ma said...

Every time I find the top of my desk, I feel compelled to hide it. What good is all that empty space... the mouse only needs a few inches. The trick to all that under-desk space is to have a desk that goes all the way to the floor.
What's next?

Cheri said...

He is too cute! LOVE that photo of him barely able to reach the doorknob. You are such a good mom letting him paint. I tend to send my kids off to do that at Sunday School, summer camps, preschool, anywhere but home;) The major painting here occurs in the high chair or the dry bathtub before a good bath! :)

Janet said...

lol That's what an artist's space is to be used for, isn't it? :-) Your desk area looks wonderful, Fonda! I know from experience that it is a lot of work to tackle a project like this!