Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Harry 1994-2010

We had to say good bye to our "old pal Harry" today. It was a sad day indeed.

But he certainly had a happy life, even after a start that probably cost him several lives. He came to us under the frame of a friend's car one day, he had ridden 20 miles, but hung on. His only injury was to his bottom lip, hence the name Harry. (This was when I lived in MO).

The vet said "if he'll eat, then feed him." And he never looked back after that...

These pics of him with Calico (another stray that came home under the spare tire of my truck) are some of my favorite.

Then, a few years later, Harry moved to Iowa. He made himself right at home.

Then along came a little spit-fire named Zoe. Didn't take too long for them to hit it off.

I think he liked laying on his back so much to "take a load off" his big ol' tummy. Eventually he was diagnosed with diabetes and lived with that for 8 years. Insulin shots, twice a day. Wow, did we really do it for that long! At his heaviest, I think he weighed 22 lbs.

Then came along another spit-fire named LAD. Harry was so tolerant. Anything for attention. At one point, I think they both weighed about the same for a while! And Grandpa Airplane, Harry was in heaven when he was around!

Where ever we were, he was there. Always under foot in the kitchen.

I think these photos of LAD with Harry have to be some of my favorite. A sweet kiss and hug.

And these from just the last couple of days. He was down to no weight. It was his time.

Rest in peace, Harry. You surely deserve it.


Ma said...

Harry only wanted three things in life... food and companionship, and food. He was our special Harry!

Christine said...

Oh man... Tears in my eyes.

Whitehills said...

You gave him a great life and for that I am sure he was thankful. It sure is hard to give them up. Thinking of you guy's always.

Robin said...

I'm so so sorry, Fonda! Sending you a big "HUG"!


Janet said...

Oh, Fonda...I'm way behind in my blog reading. I'm soooo sorry to hear about Harry. You've written a beautiful tribute. He must have been such a special kitty. {hugs!}