Saturday, May 15, 2010

The making of a Sock Monster

First, start with a sock. Any old sock will do.

Create a big mouth, for when he "loses his car", eyes and a body...

Spend 15 minutes playing and sorting buttons to find JUST the right two for eyes. We shopped for additional supplies today, and checked out the googlie eyes, but he did not want them, so buttons it was!

Attach eyes with sharp object and thread.

Stuff with fluff. The fun-est part!

Attach ears and nose, and voila...


Taking measurements, just because. 13 inches.

This looks like fun. I think I might just have to make my own!


Ma said...

Pink eyes, red and blue ears... it IS a monster! Love the mouth. I've lost my car in the parking lot, and that's the way I look. Or when I locked the keys in the car!

Christine said...

Oh my GOODNESS! How amazing is that! You're doing a great job raising a creative boy.