Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pella Tulip Time

Saturday dawned cold, windy and a little rainy. Not a great day for Pella Tulip Time. But my friend Janis and her grandson, Carter, LAD and I braved it anyway.

Many of the tulips were already gone, but there were enough for cheery splashes of color. It was so windy, it was almost miserable. Blankets galore. We needed gloves.

This boy's dream. Oh, if only he could have gotten his cold little hands on those.

Nickel into wishing pool. See it flying thru the air.

Ker-plunk! Splash.

Carter was having NOTHING to do with standing in these big wooden shoes. LAD, as always, hammed it up.

Remember this photo? (scroll down) 3 years ago? Really?!

Good time to leave, sprinkles of rain!

1 comment:

Ma said...

Love the big yellow shoes. Looks like they will get smaller each year, the way the windmill does?