Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yard work

We've been a little behind the curve on the yard so far this spring. LAD is shoveling last weeks grass that came out from under the mower, it was a wet, wet day to mow.

Thankfully, I got to mow yesterday, and was greeted with this most beautiful sight today--yeah, maybe for a hay farmer!

Looks like fun, huh? Just wait and see...

I recruited a helper. He hung in thru the entire front yard. Once he finally shucked his sandals (too much grass in them) and found his "safety goggles". We had quite a stressful moment until I finally figured out it was "those" goggles he wanted. Seeesh.

He loaded and hauled many trips to the garden.

Nice green wheel barrow bales.

Finally, job accomplished. The promise of letting him jump into the "big" pile was the only thing that carried him thru to the end...

Listen carefully, especially when it comes to the "mystery"..."to find the missing Cocoa Bean" idea...but he's been talking about it lately.

"and I don't have my dress on yet...I have to dress up..."

I almost fell over and dropped the phone.

Uh, I think it might be from the Dora we borrowed from the library...Sorry Daddy!

Hey, it's fuel for the imagination. Who cares!

Needless to say, our next activity was the shower...


Ma said...

Itch itch!

By the way, it's "sandals". Gotcha.

Fonda said...

Dang it! I knew it looked wrong when I typed it but forgot to go back!

Ma said...

Well, time is limited, I guess. Forgiven. One point for good intentions.

Ma said...

My rake! Somebody stole my rake! I mowed today, and my yard looks like yours, and I looked for my rake, and it's GONE. Somebody stole my rake. Ya think?