Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Memories and Snow and Sledding

Christmas memories, nice and not-so-nice that was todays topic. Since I don't really have any BAD memories of Christmas, i picked "just OK Christmas" memories to journal about. Journaling basically talks about when I moved to Raleigh in the fall of 96 and wasn't able to come back home for Christmas and again in 97 when I had just moved to Ames and also wasn't able to come home for Christmas. I was sometimes alone, but never lonely, knowing I did have family that loved me and were thinking of me as I was them.
The best memories are of the last 2 years. LAD was born in 2005 just 2 weeks before Christmast so I couldn't have asked for a better gift than a beautiful and healthy baby. Last year we were all able to get together at Grant's in Jefferson City and that was very special to ALL be together on Christmas.

We got about 4 inches of snow today, roads were yucky but the scenery was beautiful.

LAD got to go sledding for the first time. Apparently helmets are required. A little hard to do with a stocking cap on, but we did it anyway! Randy pulled and pulled and pulled some more! Then Randy snow-blowed the driveway and LAD stood at the edge of the house and watched the whole time, holding, with both hands, a snowball we had made. Very mesmerizing, the snow blower is!

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Marja said...

I love how you have cut bits out of the patterned paper ! I stare at my BG sheets and they are so busy that I put them away. Think I will be cutting mine up soon!

I love the photo of your little boy with the frozen eye lashes! I wish we got snow here, would love to take my DD out in the snow!

andrea said...

i love all your pages! kraft paper is my favorite to work on and i love how you are working in a spiral and the pages all flow.

your little boy is so cute with snow on his eyelashes, thats a page in itself!