Thursday, December 6, 2007

Embarking on a Christmas ADVENTure

Today's Journal Your Christmas was about Advent, and whether you offically count down the days and if so, how, etc.

Advent (from the Latin words advenio, meaning "to come", "the coming of Christ our saviour") the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christmas.

We never had Advent calendars growing up, that I remember, so this is a new tradition for our family. I guess I’m always aware of how many days are left for preparing for Christmas but officially counting the days and doing something fun or meaningful seems like a good way to bring back the spirit each day of this season.
I’ve been seeing very creative and festive ways of honoring Advent on the internet, but LAD is a little too young yet to really understand what’s going on, so I found a fun downloadable, printable Advent calendar for this year. Maybe next year we can have a more elaborate one and he can help craft it! And we can start creating it in October or November!
Today is the 5th, so only 20 more days to go!

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