Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday LAD!

Even though his birthday isn't until Tuesday, we celebrated with a party on Saturday. He loved the Lightning cake and did a pretty good job blowing out the candles. See the slideshow to view more pictures. He loved all his gifts and the Lightning McQueen Hideout was the best! Even Harry and Zoe had to check it out. Zoe will probably spend as much time in it as LAD will, but only when not occupied by LAD! The balloons were pretty great too. That Lightning one is HUGE!

Today we colored with the markers he got and he looks like a rainbow! He can get the caps off and back on, which I was surprised about, they're pretty tight.

Now on to put up the Christmas tree, and maybe a _few_ ornaments!
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Grandma Airplane said...

Happy Birthday, Lad!
Lots of balloons, lots of black frosting on that cake, lots of fun!
I have printed the pictures for Grandpa Airplane. He will have them at the airport to show other people.
Love you