Saturday, December 1, 2007

Journal Your Christmas

Browsing around a few days ago I somehow ran onto this website, shimelle and discovered she is offering a class called Journal Your Christmas. This sounded very fun and a good way to really soak up the spirit of the season. So I thought what the heck and joined up.

Basically it's keeping a journal for the season and documenting what it means to you. Read more about it
here. This is the manifesto offered to jump start December's first entry:

I declare my intention to Journal my Christmas. Writing something down every day. Creating a little bit whenever possible. Getting my stories documented for myself and maybe for others to read too.

I hope
by taking a little time each day to reflect, to write, to create, I will keep my Christmas alive and well, despite the commercial pressure that exists outside my door. Family, friends and hot beverages will help.

I may meet others taking this same journey. I may share my work from time to time. I may remember just why I loved Christmas in the first place, and that may be a very magical moment indeed.
Here is my first page. I have yet to do the outside of the album, but have something in mind.


Marja said...

Lovely page! I used that same paper to cover my album :)

ejmom said...

I love the way this page turned out. Hope you have fun doing this. It's my 2nd year and I had so much fun doing it last year.

crazierinreallife said...

this is a wonderful way to start your journal off. excellent job

Laurie said...

Great first page! I love the little calendar in the corner! I am going to have to remember that!

chloe said...

Beautiful - love the way you've done the journalling