Friday, August 15, 2008

2008 IA State Fair

LAD and I went last Sunday, first Sunday of the event. It was a very nice, weather-wise day, so I think EVERYBODY in the state of IA decided to go that day too. Next year we will be back to going during the week, second week that is. We saw plenty, but my photos weren't all that great. My friend Janet has some really nice photo collages here and here, if you're interested. We did get to see Lily , Janet's cat, at the Cat Show. I've never been to one of those before and it was quite interesting, not so much for a 2 1/2 year old, but he has to learn patience, right? He wanted to go PET them all. The house was packed, standing room only!! Lily didn't win a ribbon for best household cat, but she did get Best Decorated Cage! WhooHoo!!
I think LAD liked getting to sit in the firetruck the best. They put a headset on him that had some kind of recorded firetruck stuff on it. Then the driver seat became vacant and he promptly pounced into it! I had to drag him out of it, kicking and crying (not quite screaming). He would have stayed in it ALL day if he had the chance! Then later we saw Chopper 13. He was very impressed! We didn't do too bad on junky fair food, we each had a hand dipped corn dog, which was very tasty, then later we had a funnel cake, and a few lemonades scattered in there, and I think that was about it. We never saw the fried pineapple on a stick, they said it tasted like pineapple upsidedown cake. Sounds Yummy! Another new food this year was the "Salad on a Stick", we didn't catch up with that one either, maybe next year! Oh, and that yellow girl, that's Shawn Johnson, carved in butter, the 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist in the All-Around competition! There's also a dairy cow standing behind her, at the state fair. You can just see her nose. Yeah, you're wondering, why on earth, I dunno, it's just a tradition I guess!

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Ma said...

Hmmm, shall I be a fireman, or a helicopter pilot? Both, maybe?

I remember going to a circus in Glenwood, with a huge tent, and elephants. No fire trucks, no helicopters, just dirt. Oh, to be a kid nowadays!

Janet said...

Great pics, Fonda! There were TONS of ppl at the fair that day (every day, it seems)...glad you guys had fun! And thank you so much for stopping by the cat show and linking back to Lily's tale!! :-)