Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Garden, Up Close

Again using the Nikon 60 mm macro lens for most of these pics. We didn't grow the corn, it just takes up too much space in our small garden. We tried it once, but didn't have much luck. It's so abundant when it's in season, and our neighbor's son always plants a large patch at his crop farm, and they very generously share, so what the heck! You see the accidental cabbage became some critters late night snack. I did actually pick one, not previously snacked on, yesterday. I also picked an acorn squash a couple of days ago, which I actually have no pictures of! How did that happen!!! The pumpkins are also accidental, volunteers from last Halloween. I also planted a few herbs in the protected strawberry area: basil, rosemary and lemon verbena, which are actually doing quite well. I've had to control the volunteer petunias, I think they would actually take over the whole garden if allowed to, and would probably even crowd out the squash, they are pigs. The poor broccolli (not on the photo) is still struggling along, they actually have a few leaves on them. They've tried so hard, it will be really had to actually pull them out of the ground come fall time. They will have to go into the protected area next year!
We've actually continued to get strawberries, turns out these are ever-bearing, so make fruit all season. Yummy, well sort of. LAD and I picked 3 a couple days ago, and together, I'm not sure they made a whole bite, even for him. But that didn't stop him from scarfing them down. I did pick one more tonight, which reminds me, it's in the garage in a bucket and it's 12:44 am and no one is stirring, not even a mouse, so I'm off to see just how yummy it really is!
P.S. And as my friend Janet puts it, click on the photo to bigify it!
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Ma said...

Straight carrots! Are there no ROCKS in your garden? I thought home grown carrots were supposed to be bent and lumpy. Nice harvest, even the "shared" stuff.

Janet said...

The pictures are so beautiful! Love the collage! Now, the BIG difference between yours and mine is that you have very high quality pics to work with and that makes the collage that much better! My pics are just from a point and shoot camera so they look less bad when collaged! :-) TFS!!