Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playground-Part 3

(note: This has taken forever to post, blogger and email have been finicky, finally got it going, maybe, for a while).

At some point in the afternoon, about 3:00 I think, LAD finally got SO cranky we went in for a nap. It took him about 2 minutes to conk out and he didn't move for at least 2 hours. At about 7:00 I decided I better wake him up, it was time for a trial run. So in about 7 hours, plus the time it took me to lay out and organize all the pieces, we had this. Enough for some action!

LAD was very excited and shimmied right up the ladder and zipped right down the slide and thankfully not off some open edge! Imagine my nerves while he's tromping around on that top deck!

The next day, when we got home LAD was asking where the swing was, UH, in that big box over there honey!!! And he's asked each day since. The big Lloyds are going to have to take a vacation from AG work to finish their project-yeah right!

LAD and I have since installed all the railings around the top and bottom decks. I can't do the railing on the middle deck yet as I discovered we have attached the wrong board to the top of those posts and I need multiple tools to remove/reattach, etc and wasn't sure I could keep control of all those tools and LAD at the same time (control, yeah right). He was very helpful when attaching the railings, he inserted the screws into the pre-drilled holes and
helped me run the drill.
And I also discovered we attached the slide to the left side when I think it should have been attached to the right side, closer to the ladder. I'm not sure it really matters, we'll see when we attach the swing, off the end opposite the middle deck.
Good grief-LAD has a playhouse with 3 decks! The area under the middle deck is intended to
be a sandbox, since he already has a nice covered one, we'll see what that turns into...
All in all I have to say the kit was a very well designed product. The directions were relatively good, once you figure out what they consider back and front, and their interpretation in their drawings of "in front of" and "in back of". All the wooden pieces were stamped with the letter/number designated to them which made locating and organizing them much easier-that was time well spent. So far, all the hardware appears to be included. And is had such a nice cedary smell.
It will need a coat of water sealant, maybe this weekend!
More to come...


Ma said...

Now that it's done, would you build one again? Could go into the assembly business...

Janet said...

Lad is one lucky little boy to have such a cool place to play!!

Cheri said...

Wahoo, it may not be quite done, but he's sure having fun on it already! And boy, does he look tall or what?! (So does Michael all of a sudden...)