Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playground pics

There's a park area to our west, about 4 houses down. It has tennis
courts, volleyball courts (now sadly overtaken by grass), a shelter,
and a few of those old time animals on springs. It's near the pool
and baseball fields. This spring we noticed they appeared to be
breaking ground for something new, and be still a kid's heart, look
at this fancy playground they erected!! There are 2 other parks in
town with fancy playground equipment like this, but none so close to
our house. And this one is slightly different in features than the
others. No matter, LAD enjoyed it. And they have pea gravel all
around it, the best for a bull dozer we had to bring along, I guess
he just knew!
I used the Nikon 60mm macro lens. That lens is so sharp and the
shallow depth of field it can create is amazing. Of course I had to
take some macro shots! Who knew there were so many textures on a playground!!!


Ma said...

Wow. We had a sandbox, some swings, a marble shooting area, and be still my kid's heart a real teeter-totter that used kid-leg power. It also smashed a few feet. It taught us physics, by teaching the fulcrum and center of gravity if you walked up to the center and balanced it. I think there was a metal slide, too. Everything was brown.
That was in the 50's. This is too colorful and modern!

Janet said...

Oh, those texture shots are super! So interesting to notice that! Lad looks so intense on that equipment! lol Serious play!

Hey, thx for stopping by my blog! I am working on the MB newsletter now and noticed that you are teaching! That is so cool! You are going to be great. We are so lucky to have you!!