Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let's make crafts...OK.

A couple weeks ago I took a class at Memory Bound and we made a cute little key chain using Tim Holtz products. Well LAD took a liking to it and so we embarked on making one of his own.

First challenge, picking out some paper.

Glue, always a favorite activity.

Sidetrack project while our glue dried.

There's always some factor of engineering involved. Take a pencil, a keychain thingy and a bottle of glue with a handly little hook on the lid...what do you get...some sort of crane/mover thing that entertains for a long time...

We borrowed Tinkerbell-the great fairy rescue from the library. It's actually a very enchanting story and Disney never disappoints. So, we were inspired to build this little fairy house.

How could any self respecting fairy not enjoy hanging out in this little place for a while!

The finished product. We found a tiny little padlock in my stash and so he has a real key to put on it! He is very proud of it.

Then, at school he learned how to cut coffee filter snow flakes...note to self...add coffee filters to the grocery list...

Recycled wrapping for gifts for his classroom.

Some sort of monster somethingorother.

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