Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random December, so far


Mini dribblers. I felt guilty because I missed soccer sign up for this past fall, so made it up to him by signing him up for basketball. Nothing like 100 or so 4 and 5 year olds running around things.

Scrubbing potatoes. I cannot resist the back of that head.

Ohhhh my. Which candles to choose for a birthday cake...He settled on the number 5 and those curly ones.

Daddy was gone for several days last week, so we wrapped some presents...including his own birthday present. What!? He picked it out, but I teased him I was going to take it back and get him something else. He says he'll be surprised, even though he knows what it is.

Hot cocoa, penguin style.

Birthday party at a friend's house, Karate Kid style!

His bud, Miranda. They were doing a craft that involved glitter glue. It's entertainment for at least an hour when that stuff is involved... or as long as the glitter glue holds out, whichever comes first...

Another birthday party, princess and superhero style!

Craft project for school. They sent home a gingerbread we had to decorate.

I never understood about Nutcrackers. Still don't. But we now own one. Fascinating.

Would you like peanuts and shells, or shells and peanuts?

Continued crafting project. This is a fancy hole maker. Tim Holtz better watch out...

He found the sprinkles...His own concoction...

Thumbs up. All is well and good.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been awfully busy! Do you want to come to my house and entertain some kids! :)

Happy Holidays!
Robin :)

Ma said...

Oh, relief. I was worried that you haven't been taking any pictures lately!