Friday, December 24, 2010

Not a single picture of LAD here...

Last Saturday I was able to get away and go to my favorite junk shop of all time, JB Knacker. She had all Christmas stuff half off, so, well... you know.

They have some of the most clever displays and combinations of things.

Later in the day, my friend and partner in crime, Janis and I had a date night and visited Pier One Imports then went to see a local production of the Christmas Foundling, put on by the Ankeny Community Theatre. It was a very heartwarming Christmas story and was directed by my co worker Polly Taylor.


Janet said...

What a fun day! One of these days, I need to visit that place.

Ma said...

What??? No pics of LAD??? Is he going to fuss about that?
Nice mugs. Love ya, Ma